We also create Augmented Reality experiences. Using a printed marker, and an iphone, ipad, or computer with a webcam, we can track the marker and project a 3d model or animated 3d scene onto that marker.

For iOS, simply download the application from the appstore, http://itunes.apple.com/app/armedia-player/id502524441 .

Then print the marker from here:

and load the ASTROMECH AR data file here:

iOS: http://tampahd.com/ar/astromech3.armedia

iOS: http://tampahd.com/ar/astromech4.armedia  – no rotation on this robot so you can rotate it yourself.

* iPhone and iPad, please note that after you click the link and open the .armedia file with AR Player, you also have to choose the Astromech file in the AR Player to show you my animation.
If you  have PC or Mac with a webcam, you can use the Free AR Player to view our demo AR file.

and then load our AstroMech AR media
PC or MAC: http://tampahd.com/ar/astromech5.armedia



New AR – Skeleton system


Check out our newest Augmented Reality demo, the male Skeleton with Arteries.
iOS: http://tampahd.com/ar/mn8_skeleton2_ios.armedia

PC or Mac: http://tampahd.com/ar/mn8_skeleton_pc.armedia


Or check out the largest AR demo that is 7.5 MBs and has multiple semi-transparent 3d objects.


** Note that you can also bring up the PDF tracking marker on another ipad, phone, or computer screen if you don’t want to print it.